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Pierce Boston Luxury Tower

Project Description:

At this luxury residential tower, the architect envisioned moving water flowing through the two hundred square foot executive level conference/dining room. By combining our kiln formed textured glass with Lucid’s slip resistant flooring, LED lighting and the color blue, the vision of flowing water came to life as soon as the glass was set in place. This project was nominated and won the 2018 Glass Magazine award for Most Innovative Glass Floor or Stairs. (Link below under designer)

Product Used:

Flooring: Tempered, laminated Low Iron Glass with Lucid’s slip resistant walking surface, “Riptide” kiln cast texture

Wall: Tempered, laminated Low Iron Glass with “Riptide” kiln cast texture


2018 Glass Magazine Award Link


CBT - Cambridge MA


Oasis Specialty Glass

Photo Credit:

Chris Dearborn

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