Ruby Red Seaglass artwork

Dichroic Glass and Mirror Used to Create “Veil”

 Project Description:

Colorful dichroic glass and mirrors were used to bring the artists vision to reality in this artwork titled “Veil”. VEIL engages the ages-old notion of the body as a sealed chamber of wonders. Its two modules each take the form of a scutoid, the twisting polyhedron shape that defines the epithelial cells composing our body’s skin and organ walls. Read more about this exciting project, follow this link: Veil Project

Products Used:

  • dichroic glass, acrylic, mirror, stainless steel, LED lighting


Erik Carlson + Erica Carpenter

Commissioned By:

Colorado State University and the citizens of Colorado for the Art in Public Places Program.


Anatomy + Zoology Building
Colorado State University,  Fort Collins CO

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