Art Deco Cast Glass Facade

Restoration Project – Athey Center for Performance

Project Description:

Connecticut College undertook on an extensive renovation of the 80 year old Palmer Auditorium including restoration and modernization of the interior and exterior of this art deco style grand building. The west entrance facade originally included decorative stonework above the ornate door and windows. As part of the modernization of the building, the architects decided to replace the stonework with cast glass that could be backlit to create a beautiful color display on evenings of performances. Lucid Glass Studio met the challenge thru a sampling process to produce kiln cast textured glass with vertical elements closely resembling the original art deco stonework. Upon completion, the auditorium was renamed the Athey Center for Performance and Research.

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Product Used:

  • West Entrance Facade – Kiln Cast “Beach” Textured Glass Laminated to Hand Formed Vertical Elements


Ennead Architects – Project Link


Lockheed Architectural Solutions – Project Link


Connecticut College – Athey Center for Performance and Research – Project Link

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