Audrain Museum glass restoration hero

Glass Restoration Project – Audrain Auto Museum

Project Description:

The Audrain Building was originally constructed in 1903. Into the 21st century the building was in need of a major restoration/renovation structurally and cosmetically. The architects’ vision was to maintain as much period based glazing as possible while upgrading to current building code requirements. Lucid Glass Studio’s special projects division provided all glazing work associated with this project. 

The project included glass restoration/renovation to the following areas; Entrance vestibule, interior glazing, exterior oversized storefront glazing, elevator cab and ceiling laylight replacement. Click this link to read more about the entire scope of the restoration: Audrain Museum Renovation

Products Used:

  • Vestibule/Entrance – fire-rated laminated glass
  • Desk Dividers – “Snow” textured/laminated glass
  • Door Glazing – “Snow” textured and laminated glass
  • Laylight – white laminated glass
  • Elevator cab glazing – “Snow” textured/laminated glass
  • Storefront – Oversized impact rated insulated glass units (12′ x 10′) and arch shaped IGUs


Northeast Collaborative Architects Newport, RI


Parker Construction


Audrain Auto Museum – Bellevue Ave Newport RI

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