Restoration Project Using Lucid’s Transparent Glass Flooring

Restoration Project Using Lucid’s Transparent Glass Flooring

Project Description:

St Stephens opened in 1823, sometime in 1878 in an effort to use limited space in the city, their adjacent burial ground was built upon for a vestry covering vaults below. With a new mission in 2017 a team was assembled to renovate the space and expose the vault lids joining the past parishioners symbolically and physically with the current congregation. Using transparent Lucid Glass Flooring and LED lighting, the vaults will be respected for many years to come. Read more about the project here: St Stephens Preservation

Product Used:

  • Lucid Glass Flooring – Transparent Slip Resistant Low Iron Glass


SBK + Partners

Photo Credit:

Images property of St Stephen’s used with permission of Brian Kutner, photographer


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA

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