Walkable Glass Casino Floor

Walkable Glass Infinity Pits – MGM National

Project Description:

MGM Resorts commissioned light artist Chul Hyun Ahn to create one of his amazing works in a large common area at their new casino at National Harbor in the Washington DC metro area. The work titled “Wells” is installed in the floor creating the illusion of large bottomless holes in the terrazzo. Lucid Glass Flooring was selected for its excellent clarity and was installed by our special projects department. The five round floor panels are 2-1/2” thick glass and range in size from 53” to 77” diameters. The walking surface of the glass is Lucid’s proprietary, certified slip resistant top lite. It’s worth the trip to DC to see this wonderful work of art in person!

Product Used:

Lucid Glass Studio’s walk-able glass. 2-1/2” overall thickness tempered/laminated low iron glass with Lucid’s certified slip resistant top surface. The glass panels also have a 5-1/2” wide black ceramic frit border at the perimeter to mask the concrete support structure below.


Artist: Chul Hyun Ahn

Designer: HKS Hospitality Group


Smith Group JJR


Lucid – SPD

Photo Credit:

MGM Resorts: James Beyer & Sean Kelley

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